July 2021 – Reading Group Roundup – World Book Night

PRG groups report on World Book Night and a Quick Read by Stephen King

Stephen King is known to many as the father of modern horror, having made his name as the author of cult book and film classics including Carrie, The Shining, IT, The Stand and Pet Semetary. He has written 62 novels and hundreds of short stories. For a generation of readers King is also the explorer of small-town America and its underbelly.

World Book Night is an annual celebration of books and reading. It is organised by The Reading Agency and brings together people from all backgrounds for just one reason – to inspire others to read more.

King’s book Elevation was chosen as one of this year’s WBN titles and PRG included it as a Book Talk choice for our reading groups.

The groups still can’t meet face to face but many are going strong, with members reading the book on their own and then sharing written responses through a newsletter so there’s a feeling of connection and conversation with other readers.

In the small town of Castle Rock word gets around quickly. That’s why Scott Carey only confides in his friend Dr Bob Ellis about his strange condition. Every day he’s losing weight – but without getting thinner. His new next-door neighbours have opened a ‘fine dining experience’ but Deidre MComb and her wife Missy Donaldson don’t exactly fit with community expectations. To make matters worse their dog is also busy fouling Scott’s lawn. It all seems like a recipe for bad relations or worse.

But the theme of this year’s World Book Night was ‘Books to make you smile’ so maybe not…

Six PRG groups chose the novel through Book Talk and we’ve been getting some great feedback. At HMP Rye Hill eighteen members read it and shared responses.

‘Stephen, ye canna change the laws of physics! But it drew me in’

‘It deserves to be read at one sitting…I was captivated straightaway and was scratching my head all the way through’

‘An emotional rollercoaster with hearts and minds opening up’

‘Nothing was scary. On the contrary, it was uplifting!’

‘Stephen King writes a great story that reels you in.’

‘I loved this book’

Quick Reads are short books with great stories by best-selling authors. They are specially aimed at less confident readers who want to get stuck into the pleasures of reading. This year’s new titles include Khurrum Rahman, The Motive, Oyinkan Braithwaite, The Baby is Mine and Louise Candlish, The Skylight. Check to see if any of these are in your library or just ask for a Quick Read through request and delivery. Your library is bound to have lots.

‘The most treasured moments of my career have been when someone tells me they hadn’t read anything for years, often since their school days, but are back into reading via my books. What more could an author hope for?’ Peter James, author of Quick Read title Wish You Were Dead

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