Promoting reading and reading groups in prisons

‘When I read a book it gives me the chance to escape into another world. I love the group because it’s great 
to share that world with other people’

Reading Group Roundup: Exit

The roundup this month comes from HMP Garth where a little while back the group…

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About us

We now run groups in over 40 prisons nationwide and supply more than 3000 books a year to support them. We also support Family Days and family reading initiatives in more than 50 prisons across the country.


In March 2022 Sarah Turvey and Jenny Hartley became the 1870th & 1871st Points of Light recipients, for founding Prison Reading Groups.

In October 2019, Prison Reading Groups was awarded The Longford Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Prison Reform.

Family reading

We support and run family reading projects in prisons and we provide books and book bags for visiting children.

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