What other groups thought…

At the beginning of each month when the two new Book Talk titles are released, we will also share snippets of feedback from a particularly popular title from the previous month. We have also compiled a list of titles other groups read that are not Book Talk titles which might inspire you when next picking a book for your group.

Feedback Roundup: The Mystery of Henri Pick by David Foenkinos

“The library was a place for ‘lost’ stories. There are various sanctuaries needed in life. I guess prison is one. We are all lost souls in prison, hoping that one day we will be picked up and be discovered.”  HMP Winchester

“I thought it was a great idea. Can you imagine books no one has seen, it would be amazing.” HMP Rye Hill

“I loved the idea of sanctuaries in many ways. I used the library as a young lonely teenager as a sanctuary. To spend endless days there reading. I can still smell it!” HMP Rye Hill

What other groups read last month:

John Dies at the End by David Wong

Unforgivable Blackness by Geoffrey C Ward

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Couple at No. 9 by Claire Douglas

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovovich

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