Finding a Good Read handouts

When lockdown started in 2020 prison libraries had to close and most still remain shut to prisoners. To help readers with remote orders, PRG writes a monthly column in Inside Time called ‘Finding a Good Read’. We also adapt it as a handout that can be included with library deliveries or made available on the wings.

Here they are to download and print:

July 2022 Nature

June 2022 Greek Mythology

March 2022 The Sea

February 2022 Around the world with a lot of detectives

January 2022 London

December 2021 Christmas Books

November 2021 Families

October 2021 Black History Month

September 2021 Graphic Novels

August 2021 Books by Women

July 2021 Books to Films

June 2021 Memoir

May 2021 Happy Horrors