Book Talk

Get a remote reading group started with Book Talk.

Some of our groups found creative ways to keep going throughout lockdown, despite not being able to meet in person. They asked members to choose a book, ordered the books from us, and collated written feedback from group members.

We know how much extra work and coordination it takes to make this happen, and want to make things a little easier.

How does it work?

  • Book Talk simplifies the remote reading group process.
  • Each month we suggest 2 or 3 titles for the librarian/group facilitator to choose from.
  • You identify a group of prisoners interested in taking part and willing to share feedback.
  • We will send up to 20 copies of the book to the prison, for you to distribute individually alongside the resources.

The resources, put together by our experienced reading group volunteers, will be specific to the chosen book, giving background information, useful thinking points, and feedback questions.

Get started…

If you would like to join in with Book Talk this month, head to the book choice page and follow the instructions there:

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