Book Talk

Book Talk started during the Covid-19 pandemic, when groups couldn’t meet face-to-face but wanted to keep the group active and still participate in book chat remotely. Each month we release two new titles which each have a resource document with a few discussion questions.

Book Talk was helpful when all groups were remote. Although most groups are back to face-to-face meetings, we’ve continued to produce this resource as it’s a great way for volunteers to make suggestions, to widen a groups reading range and to help newer groups get going if they are unsure of what to read.

How does it work?

  • Book Talk simplifies the remote reading group process.
  • Each month we suggest 2 titles for the librarian/group facilitator to choose from.
  • Librarians/group facilitators choose which title they’d like the group to read and copies are sent to each member along with the resource document to fill in. These are then collated and passed around the other members so they can see what everyone thoughts were.

The resources, put together by our experienced reading group volunteers, will be specific to the chosen book, giving background information, useful thinking points, and feedback questions.

Get started…

If you would like to join in with Book Talk this month, head to the book choice page and follow the instructions there: