The PRG Awards 2020

Last year we ran the PRG Awards to mark 20 years of PRG and to celebrate the wonderful efforts of the reading groups, the staff and the volunteers who run them.

While groups may not have met in person much this year, we’ve still been mightily impressed by the work going on behind the scenes. 

Groups have been operating remotely; deciding on which books to read, getting books direct to cells, requesting written feedback and collating the responses into discussion documents. Book choices have been as varied and interesting as ever, and we’ve set up a Book Talk area of the website to inspire other groups to do the same.

 We will be choosing winners for BEST LIBRARIAN, BEST PRISON CONTACT and BEST DISCUSSION, and rewarding them with books of their choice.  

The Winners!

We will be announcing winners each week in December, starting this week with…

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