Reviews in a Haiku

We are always impressed and encouraged by the range of feedback and reports we receive from our reading groups. It reflects the diversity of the groups and the creativity of the volunteers, librarians, and reading group members.

We were particularly thrilled to receive a selection of these ‘Review in a Haiku’ from the HMP Stafford group:

 Ellie O is fine,
Well fairly fine to start with,
Then completely fine.


Just everyday life,
Through the eyes of Eleanor
Turns out she is fine.

A passion to help,
A support for those in need,
But at what cost?

Humour is needed,
For all doctors to survive,
Their unthankful jobs.
A tale about Tang, 
A friendly little robot,
And a man called Ben.


A.I in our lives,
And he's becoming a friend,
That was a surprise.

Have a look at the Reports and Resources section of our website for more tips on running a reading group.

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