Other projects

With our parent charity Give a Book, we are developing family reading projects to help parents connect more confidently with their children. 

Making it Up

We all use stories: to help better understanding, to make us laugh, or to share something.

Making it Up is Give a Book’s innovative project using the power of stories to build bonds between fathers and their children by writing and making books for each other.

‘One day you’ve taken prison away from my family’


What Happens Next?

PRG has developed a project to help prisoner parents feel more comfortable and confident about reading with their children. Participants attend a hands-on workshop to explore the importance – and fun – of books for children.

Why did you sign up?  ‘I want to bond with my children more’

At the end of the session everyone chooses a book to give to their child at a special family reading event.

What did you like best about today? ‘Getting to spend time with my dad’

‘A fantastic contribution to our Family Strategy’


What Happens Next report.