Prison resources: BOOKSTUFF

BOOKSTUFF is a PRG resource produced fortnightly which celebrates books and reading in the form of quizzes, poetry, philosophical conundrums and short stories. Prison staff can add it to their in-cell resources.

You can download the sheets below:


Taster: The case involves the trial of three men, A, B, C, for participation
in a robbery. The following two facts were established:
i) If A is innocent or B is guilty, then C is guilty.
ii) If A is innocent, then C is innocent.
Can the guilt of any particular one of the three be established?



DO YOU KNOW? A quiz to get you thinking about books and your next read

1. What type of book is the OED?

2. Which Dickens novel is about the French Revolution?

3. In his song ‘Superheroes’ Stormzy namechecks a hugely popular Black writer for Young Adults. Fill in the blank: “Serena or Venus, the way I serve it, / I’m ______________ the way I sell books.”

All past handouts can be downloaded here.

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